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May 26-27: Closed for Memorial Day Weekend


May 31 - June 3: Library Program Partnership


June 7: Root Beer Floats


June 10: Volunteering at Glencoe Community Garden


June 14: Flag Day Documentary


June 15: Father's Day Craft Night


June 16: End of School Bash


June 21: Youth Board Meeting


June 24: Winnetka Music Festival


June 27: Tie-Dye Tuesday

Upcoming Events

Spring 2017 Hours:


Sunday: Closed

Monday:  Closed

Tuesday: Closed**

Wednesday: 3 - 7pm

Thursday:  Closed**

Friday: 4 - 7pm

Saturday: 6 - 10pm



**WYO staff will be over at Carleton Washburne Junior High every Tuesday and Thursday, conducting programs during lunch and after-school.

Winnetka Youth Organization

Winnetka Youth Organization

620 Lincoln Avenue, Winnetka, IL 60093

P: 847.446.0443  E:

"The YO Spotlight"

Our May spotlight goes out to...

New Trier High School's Poetry Club

Towards the end of April, the WYO partnered up with the NTHS Poetry Club to host an open-mic, called Spoken Rite. Club members passionately read aloud personal pieces to the audience. The event went so smoothly, it basically ran itself and this was such a wonderful group of students to work with!



Drop-In Hours

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